What We Do

We care about you having an amazing experience and getting phenomenal, life changing and lasting results... and we deliver on that!

We take the headache out of 'Getting in Shape'

First and formost we care about you and helping you to get the results you want!

And this is dramatically different to what your typical gym does... they just show you around then leave you to your own devices.

And in most cases that just leads to another failed attempt to get fit and healthy.

So how do we help you to get the results you want?

Well we understand that whether you are new or returning to training, or experienced, you still need on-going support and accountability around your fitness, lifestyle and nutrition choices.

So thats what we do!

And we are able to do this because a we have a structured framework that delivers results.

And finally, we believe in having a friendly, encouraging and motivating environment, which means you will want to come to your training sessions, you will put in the hard work and you will get the results due to you!

And this allows us to help our clients to get amazing transformations that last for the longterm.

P.S. you wont find any meatheads, gym bunnies or egotistical PT's who love themselves here!

Just happy clients and happy coaches 🙂


The After Burn Effect

Most of your sessions are 'highly metabolic' meaning they increase your capacity to burn fat, even after your training sessions have ended and we call this the 'After Burn' effect.

What this means is you will experience a considerable increase in Metabolic Rate (your metabolism) for around 24-48 hours after exercising and as a result you will burn a much higher number of calories, not just during but for a long time after your workouts have finished.


The knowledge we will share with you around all things 'food', will have a huge impact on what you put on your plate and your attitude towards it.

Nutrition can be overwhelming with so many diets and so much information out there, much of which is often conflicting.

We will educate you around different nutritional approaches and help you to put the right plan in place so that you get best results posssible.

And don’t worry with us, no matter how bad your nutrition is to start with, we will teach you how to build healthy food and lifestyle habits for long term success.

And we will show you that you absolutely CAN get the results you want and deserve without having to count calories or starve yourself half to death!


Yes we are Personal Trainers and this is a personal training studio, but above all we COACH you.

Getting your exercise and nutrition right is just part of your success.

We also help you make switches to your mind-set and belief system which in turn will lead to lasting lifestyle changes, better choices and habits that serve you well.

Fitness is NOT just physical, it’s mental and emotional too and without addressing all 3 you’ll end up back where your started.

And it’s my ultimate mission that Results Focused Fitness is the LAST solution you have to try in order to achieve the level of health, fitness, happiness & success you deserve.

Why settle for anything less?



Before undertaking any physical activity it is recommended that you consult your doctor and the products and services we offer are not intended to treat or cure any disease.

The Information presented on these pages is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice.

As part of our membership packages our clients are given a generic healthy eating plan and recipe books with healthy recipes which they can choose to follow or not.

We will always suggest to our clients that in order to get the best health and fitness results it is crucial to address lifestyle and nutrition habits and not just exercise.

However we are not registered dieticians or nutritionists and at no time will we tell them to follow a particular approach.

We will only suggest well known approaches to them that we feel will benefit them the most according to the outcomes they want to achieve and should they choose to follow them, this is undertaken entirely of their own choice, under their own free will, and at their own risk.

And where a clients nutritional requirements are beyond the scope of healthy eating advice we will direct them to a registered dietician or nutritionist.

Also please note that individual results do vary.

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