A client said this to me recently…

‘I will try and be good’.

Firstly you either will or you wont be good.

…so stop ‘trying’ to be good!

Lets look at the word ‘Try’

TRY and wave you arm…..try to drive you car.

Unless you have an injury or your battery is flat you a will either ‘do’ the action or you wont.

Secondly what has ‘good’ got to do with it.

Unless your a dog and you need to be given a treat for being ‘good’ then it just means your giving yourself the option to be BAD!

And then you can convince yourself that you TRIED!

This is just a load of BS!

Start telling yourself…

‘I will be AWESOME… I will be GREAT

And if you keep telling it to yourself enough times you will be.

Life doesnt reward ‘triers’.

It rewards ‘winners’.

So be a WINNER.

To your success,

Kieran 🙂

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