Health Form, Health Declarations & Safety

On signing up to any of out programmes you will be asked to complete a Pre Activity Health form.

If after discussion with your coach he or she concludes that you have any serious health issues you will need written permission from your GP prior before commencing training.

If you have any medical issues that you feel might affect you exercising please consult your GP before joining us. if you need a paper copy of our form for your GP to look at and/or sign please ask us for one.

If you have a condition that might affect you but your GP gives you the go ahead please get them to attach a signed and dated consent note on headed paper from your surgery and staple it to your PARQ.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in good health and do not suffer from any condition or physical impairment which could prevent you from completing a training session safely.

You must notify your coach prior to commencing any session of any changes in your condition or any physical impairment that might affect you.

Appropriate footwear and clothing must be worn at all times.

If you train with us in an online group with coach lead workouts and/or videos you will be required to complete a '2 way' online induction so we can check and assess your form and how to train safely in your home/hotel room etc prior to starting.


Payments - Group Training

All group training 4 week payments are taken using Stripe and alll montlhy recurring membership payments are taken using GoCardless

Your 4 Week Blitz payment is a one off payment.

Monthly recurring payments are taken on the 1st of the month and your first payment will be prorated as appropriate.

We reserve the right to increase fees and if an increase occurs you will be given 3 months notice of the changes.

We regret that we don't take cash payments.


Payments - Personal Training

All personal training payments are taken in advance of training.

Personal trainers who work out of the RFF studio are self employed and payment should be made directly to them and not Results Focused Fitness Ltd.

We reserve the right to increase in house fees and if an increase occurs you will be given 3 months notice of the changes.


Monthly Membership

On signing up you agree to our full terms as applicable.

Your monthly investment also includes your online resources and access to our private Facebook group which is available to you throughout the year.

Sessions cannot be carried over from one month to the next and there are no part payment deals.

On completion of your 4 or 6 week programme monthly membership is £59 per month.

**And should covid disruptions such as lockdowns occur programmes/memberships will be put on hold.


Programme Structure - Group Training

We run a progressive, results and commitment focused group programme and regret that we do not offer pay as you go or part time memberships.

Our programme runs to a 46 week format.

So you are only charged for 46 weeks out of 52 and to keep it simple this is divided into 12 monthly payments.

That leaves 6 weeks for which you are not charged.

We shutdown at Christmas and New Year for around a week.

And please note we don't run our group programme on Bank Holidays.



If you decide to cancel prior to your first day then you will be entitled to a full refund.

No refunds will be given once your programme has started or part way through a month of your membership except where their are extenuating circumstances which will be dealt with on an individual basis.


Trials & Other Promotions

We may periodically offer other short terms promotions.

Please note that if you join us via one of these, that your trial or promotion period does not count towards your monthly or paid in full commitment should you decide to stay with us on its completion.


Membership Termination

If you do not wish to continue with us we ask that that you give us at least 15 days written notice by Facebook message, phone or text to: 07889 362190 or email to: kieran@resultsfocused.fitness saying you want to cancel your membership, or you will be liable to pay for the following month.

Please note if you just cancel your payments without contacting us, you will still be liable for the next months payment.

If you have extenuating circumstances and you can no longer attend Results Focused Fitness please get in touch with us to discuss what you need to do to cancel your account with us or put it on hold as appropriate.


Negative Behaviour & Our Rights

Results Focused Fitness reserves the right to cancel your membership with immediate effect if:

  1. you prove uncoachable and have conflict with our approach and systems.
  2. you are no longer the right fit for our programme.
  3. you exhibit controlling behaviour and/or undermine any of our coaches and clients.
  4. your behaviour and/or your attitude be deemed negative towards our members, our coaches or our community.

Should your membership be cancelled we will repay you any unused time you have left.

Results Focused Fitness reserves the right to not take you on as a client if we feel that you are not the right fit for our programme and/or that it is not the right choice for you and we will always suggest an alternative.



Should your coach be ill and not be available for a session, you will be informed of this via the private Facebook group. We suggest you always check into the Facebook group to avoid disappointment.

If you are not a Facebook user then please give your coach your mobile number or best contact so we can let you know.

If you train at 6am we recommend you give your coach your mobile number to let you know as we understand you may not check the group at that time of day.

Should your coach be off due to illness for a prolonged period and no cover is available a suitable arrangement will be discussed and made with all members but please not this does not apply to the 'odd day'.

Everyone gets sick, even trainers and please remember we work to a 46 week format which leaves 6 weeks that you do not pay for, so you are not losing out.

Should you be ill or need to be away from training for a prolonged period for medical, health or personal reasons please get in contact and we discuss cancelling your account or freezing it for a given period as appropriate.


Cancelling & Re-scheduling Sessions

Although every attempt will be made not to do so, Results Focused Fitness reserves the right to cancel or reschedule sessions.

We also reserve the right to adapt our class structure, timetables and the number of weekly sessions delivered and increase fees as appropriate.



We are not registered dieticians or nutritionists and at no time will we tell you to follow a particular diet or go beyond the scope of healthy eating advice.

We may also educate you around different nutritional approaches some of which may involve counting macros and/or calories.

At no time will we tell you to follow a particular approach, however should you ask for additional advice, we will only suggest which one(s) we feel will benefit you most according to the outcomes you want to achieve and should you choose to follow them, this is undertaken entirely by your own choice, under your own free will, and at your own risk.

Also please note that individual results can vary.

If you have an intolerance or special dietary needs then we strongly recommend that you consult your GP before starting any of our plans and seek out the help of a nutritionist where appropriate.


Documents & Resources

All nutrition plans and other downloadable PDF documents and the information contained within them is for personal use. Distribution, publication or resale are not permitted.


Promotional Materials

Results Focused Fitness will take photographs and video footage for marketing purposes. We will do everything we can to accommodate your wishes if you do not wish to be the star of the show, otherwise by joining Results Focused Fitness you are deemed to have agreed to their use and will help by offering short written and/or video testimonials of your experiences if asked and appropriate.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We aim to offer the best service possible and we add a huge amount of value to our memberships through added extras such as healthy eating advice, recipes books, seminars and our Facebook group.

If however you feel that your needs have not been met or our service has not been up to scratch then please get in touch with us and we will do whatever it takes to remedy the situation.

N.B. We reserve the right to update and amend these terms as appropriate and notification will be given in the event of any significant changes being made.

Last updated: 10/05/21

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