Liz's Experience With Us

What do you enjoy most about your training? And how long have you been training with us?

I have been with Results Focus'd Fitness for 4 months,
I love the variation in training routines and the different applications to specific areas of the body, but always with core strengthening in mind.

How does it compare to other gyms/fitness programess you have tried?

This is way better, one does not just feel stuck on a static bicycle or treadmill for what feels like hours on end!

How did you feel before you started?

Ok, but not toned or with much core strength.

How do you feel now?

I feel much stronger and with more energy mentally and physically and I'm sharper and my weak knee and back are much better.

What changes have you seen as a result of training with us?

I think I am more organised as the structure of doing the classes three times a week at a set time means I must organise the rest of my time better!

What would you say to someone who knows they need to do this but is sitting on the fence?

Get off it! And get on with it!

Anything else you want to add?

Not really, but when I brought Jo (my 25 year old daughter) along on Friday she said what a lovely friendly group it was, and how it differed so much from many gyms she had been to as a younger person, where people tend not to be inclusive or welcoming. This struck her hugely, plus she was quite sore today!! Ha!!

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