Jeff's Experience With Us

What do you enjoy most about your training? And how long have you been training with us?

Knowing that it makes me feel better and all the benefits it brings with it. The discipline with doing it with other like minded people and early in the morning as well which gives my day a good start and just love early mornings especially in the summer. I've been training now for about 10 months.

How does it compare to other gyms/fitness programess you have tried?

Apart from playing rugby and running marathons over 20yrs ago this is my first visit back to any sort of excercise.

How did you feel before you started?

I felt very lethargic, overweight, depressed with my constant battle with my weight, felt tired a lot of the time with no energy to do things like my outside work.

How do you feel now?

I feel alive, energetic, fit, happy to be almost where I would like to be weight wise. Re-juvernated, proud, self worth has shot up, and generally pleased with everything and so gratefull I had joined this programme and changed my eating habits.

What changes have you seen as a result of training with us?

Physically a 100 times better with loads more energy, mentally more at peace not depressed or stressed a fraction of how I used to be, able to think better, retain facts better. Emotoinally feel peacefull, grateful, far less depressed if at all, a lot more happy and focused and feel more engaged with life and people in it.

What would you say to someone who knows they need to do this but is sitting on the fence?

I know how you feel and I have been there, get off the fence and come and do this. Give it a couple of monhts and I guarantee you will feel a whole lot better and continue to do so. You will be amazed how it will makes you feel.
You'll also not have a sore arse from sitting on the fence! 🙂

Anything else you want to add?

A big thank you to Kieran and the lads at the 40 plus mens fitness for without them this would not be possible. This is without doubt life changing stuff and I would recomend it to any one.

I was 58 and close to 19st when I started and honestly thought I would never get fit or stay at a good weight again as I thought I was too old and fat to do it.

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