Elaine's Experience With Us

What do you enjoy most about your training? And how long have you been training with us?

This is my 4th week and I attend at 0600, which sets me up for day and I am home before 0700 to get ready for work. Workouts are challenging and you can feel the difference in a short period. I am slowly transforming, losing weight and therefore this is motivating me to live a better lifestyle. The group is friendly and suits any age and fitness level.

How does it compare to other gyms/fitness programess you have tried?

An all over workout led by professional instructors and programmes are balanced and based on scientific exersice principals.

How did you feel before you started?

Ok, but lacking energy, dealing with stress by drinking wine and weight not shifting due to wine and menopause

How do you feel now?

Energised, weight is shifting and body is lifting in places that were starting to defy gravity.

What changes have you seen as a result of training with us?

I feel more positive about life now and also living life into my 60’s in a fit and healthy manner.

What would you say to someone who knows they need to do this but is sitting on the fence?

Just try it, you have nothing to lose and will meet similar people whichever group you join.

Anything else you want to add?

The equipment is well thought out and I hear very positive comments on the group and personal training sessions.

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