4 Week Blitz

If you are a motivated man or woman in Yeovil in your 40's50's or 60's and you are looking to take control of your health and fitness...

...then our Group Training Programme in Yeovil can help you to get the kind of results you are looking for.

We have a whole body approach and our training is a mix of core, strength and cardio training.


  • 3 body toning workouts each week
  • Private studio on the Lufton Estate
  • And you're in and out in 45 minutes
  • Plus our studio has NO Mirrors!!!!

So What's The Cost Of Our Programme?

A month of group training with 3 weekly sessions is just £59

Which works out at £4.90 per session.

But join us for a 4 week blitz and save 20%

And you'll pay just £47 for your 4 Week Blitz.


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Start on a Monday (except if its a bank holiday).

All groups are mixed men and women.

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
6 spaces available

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
3 spaces available

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
8 spaces available

Monday, Wednesday & Friday
5 spaces available

Monday, Wednesday & Friday
4 spaces available

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What Happens After Your Blitz

There is no obligation to stay with us after your 4 Week Blitz, but it will give you a really good idea about how we do things and you'll get some great results too!

On completion of your 4 weeks we have a single monthly membership that runs on a month to month basis with not long term tie in.

Monthly Membership - £59
Up to 3 group sessions per week

Couples Monthly Membership - £99
Up to 3 group sessions per week

We use Stripe for one off payments and GoCardless to take recurring monthly direct debit payments.

We run a progressive, results and commitment focused group programme and regret that we do not offer pay as you go or part time memberships.

Our programme runs to a 46 week format.

So you are only charged for 46 weeks out of 52 and to keep it simple this is divided into 12 monthly payments.

That leaves 6 weeks for which you are not charged.

For full details please see our Terms

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Client Experiences






WHO is this REALLY for?

We specialise in training men women who are motivated to take control of their health and fitness and get into shape for the long term and are looking to train in a supportive, progressive and fun environment

There are 3 coached sessions each week and this is a results and commitment focused programme

And while we understand, that other stuff goes on in life and you might not be able to make every session, if you are just looking to train now and again or inconsistently, then our programme is definitely not for you.

When are the sessions?

Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 6am & 9am

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday at 5pm, 6pm & 7pm


When does the programme start?

Your programmes starts the 1st week of the month and runs for 4 weeks, unless other wise specified

What do I need to wear and bring with me? And what facilities are there?

We suggest that you wear comfortable training kit and trainers. A small towel is also a good idea and you should always bring a bottle of water with you. There is plenty of parking on site, a toilet, but no showers

We have a large supply of paper towels, hand gel, hand wash and cleaning fluid to make your trips to the studio as safe as possible.

How long are the sessions and where is the studio?

You are in and out within 45 minutes and all sessions take place at the Results Focused Fitness, Unit 11, Limber Road, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 8RR

Is this suitable for beginners as I haven't exercised for a while?

Our workouts are designed to get you results and we offer alternatives for exercises where appropriate. If you are motivated and prepared to work at a level that challenges you then you will do well with us


Before undertaking any physical activity it is recommended that you consult your doctor and the products and services we offer are not intended to treat or cure any disease.

The Information presented on these pages is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice.

As part of our membership packages our clients are given a generic healthy eating plan and recipe books with healthy recipes which they can choose to follow or not.

We will always suggest to our clients that in order to get the best health and fitness results it is crucial to address lifestyle and nutrition habits and not just exercise.

However we are not registered dieticians or nutritionists and at no time will we tell them to follow a particular approach.

We will only suggest well known approaches to them that we feel will benefit them the most according to the outcomes they want to achieve and should they choose to follow them, this is undertaken entirely of their own choice, under their own free will, and at their own risk.

And where a clients nutritional requirements are beyond the scope of healthy eating advice we will direct them to a registered dietician or nutritionist.

Also please note that individual results do vary.

Full Terms & Conditions

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