I was terrified!

It was the 7th December 2005 and I was off to rehab. And that meant stopping drinking forever and that was terrifying! I was drinking a bottle of vodka a day and if I had carried on I would surely be dead by now. Scary huh? But move forward 11.5 years later and I’m happy…

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Got Stinking Thinking?

I went to rehab 11 years ago because I was drinking myself to death. BUT now I’m now a successful personal trainer and coach. Over the last decade I have been on a massive journey of transformation and I’m living proof that you CAN achieve what you want in life, whatever the odds. And today…

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Working out

Working out & eating healthy… BUT gaining weight?

Working out & eating healthy… BUT gaining weight? Firstly your brain is 100% focused on survival. If you are trying to ‘lose weight’ your brain will do whatever it needs to do to keep YOU alive. Hence why you will ALWAYS regain the weight you ‘lost’ after your ‘diet’ has ended. Firstly you starved it,…

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The Dieting Dilemma

It happens to all of us at some point… …‘The Dieting Dilemma’. That moment when you realise that it’s time to do something about your eating habits. It may happen when you’re looking in the mirror or standing on the scales. And your first thought is probably ‘go on a ‘diet’… …but as quickly as…

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Did you fill the kettle?

Did you fill the kettle? (why not?) When I was in rehab we had a communal kitchen where we could make tea or coffee during the day. And as you did this you had to make sure that you filled the kettle. And this was all part of a process of building good habits. So…

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I dressed Kate Beckinsale

I dressed Kate Beckinsale… Before I became a personal trainer and before I completely lost the plot and went to rehab I was a fashion stylist in London. I was a contributing Fashion Editor on several magazines and worked with celebrity clients, Kate Beckinsale being one of them. I’m not telling you this to impress…

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Having a bath can change your life

Having a bath can change your life So you’ve been eating really heathily for 3 weeks and getting all your workouts done… …then one day you get out of the wrong side of bed and have a bad day, which you round off with (no workout) and a pizza and a tub of chocolate chip…

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Stress and how it affects results

Stress and how it affects results You’re tired, overworked and when it comes down to it you’re far from happy with yourself. And over the last few years you have put on a BIG chunk of weight {insert amount} and you LOOK and FEEL FAT. So what’s going on Simple answer and one mentioned above.…

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Manage stress

Manage stress before diet

Manage stress before diet (always!) If you are stressed its highly likely that you will put on weight and much of that will be in the form of excess water (water retention) not just body fat… and water is heavy, so you will get even heavier! When you’re stressed you will accumulate ‘visceral’ fat around…

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80/20 all the way!

80 20 all the way! How to create long lasting success and happiness in life without having to give up all the things you love… Particularly at the start of the year many people go hammer and tongs at the gym and diet furiously. They put 100% in to their fitness and eating but it…

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